Video Surveillance

The Performance Series lineup cameras and DVRs provides of feature-rich affordable video surveillance solutions meet a wide range of security solutions. With a full array of indoor and outdoor surveillance solutions, let Honeywell be your video surveillance solution. All Honeywell cameras are backed by three-year warranty and a 365 Swap.


Honeywell’s Performance Series rounds out their indoor, outdoor, portfolio of cameras. Low-light cameras let end users pick the perfect camera for any installation. Honeywell provides diverse range of applications. The Performance Series includes a wide range of high performing IR bullet and minidome cameras easy to use.

Honeywell. The performance and quality you need at competitive prices.

Honeywell Performance Series IP Cameras

TDN WDR IR Micro Dome Camera
TDN WDR IR MFZ Ball Camera
TDN WDR IR Ball Camera
TDN WDR IR Bullet Camera

Honeywell Performance Series Embedded NVRs

TDN WDR IR Bullet Camera

Honeywell Performance Series HD over Coax Cameras

1080p TWDR IR MFZ Ball Camera
1080p TWDR IR MFZ Rugged Mini Dome Camera
4 MP HQA WDR IR Mini Dome Cameras
1080p TDN IR Bullet Camera
1080p TDN WDR IR PTZ Camera

HD over Coax DVRs (Tri-Brid recorders)

Hybrid 4 MP DVRs